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Brand Development.

I work with companies and individuals to identify a visual mood and to reach a trend that help you dominate the market. We can start our project from the beginning or using stunning templates. I care about ideas, a place where all the magic starts.


My work essentially consist in telling stories. I can tell yours, in a perfect way, using the perfect style and mood. Cinematography, animations, text, voice over, documentaries, reportage are my best products but the added value starts from the scriptwriting skills.


It means “telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies”. I have mastered these skills at the UCLA – University of California Los Angeles, the best Film and Transmedia Schools in the world.


My name is Livio Ascione, I’m from Italy and I am a professional film maker and media specialist. My work has been featured all over the online world, including Television. I create animations and motion graphics for Giffoni Film Festival, the best cinema festival for youth in the world.

During my early years of study my skills were rewarded by the Italian Government who put me in second place among the best professionals under 28 in the italian film industry letting me study in California at UCLA, Los Angeles University, where I discovered the interesting world of Transmedia Storytelling.

I am a film critic and I founded the blog SHIFTS! on

I am a contributor on Wired Italia

Film Making
Brand Development
Motion Graphics
Film Critic




Transmedia creation is a complex way to tell a story. I am specialized in creation of stories that can be transposed on different media without losing their sense. Let's start a transmedia campaign together to find fans and followers for your project.

Corporate storytelling

Corporate storytelling

Do you need a way to let your customers discover your brand? I have lots of ideas and I am ready to show them to you. We are ready to dominate the market with your products and services.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Are you searching for a video explainer? Do you want to create a intro for your youtube channel, or simply want to put your face inside the Iron Man armor suit? I am an expert in the use of Adobe After Effects. We develop animations and graphic compositions for branding and cinema.



Script, Shoot, Editing. That's what you need in your video project, I can do it.

My Team

Livio Ascione

Livio Ascione

Media Specialist

My name is Livio Ascione and I am a professional film maker and a media specialist. I usually write and produce my videos and I work as an After Effects motion graphics specialists.

Alina Gnerre

Alina Gnerre

UX UI design specialist

Alina is a computer engineer, digital coach for corporates. She is a iOs developer with strong skills in UX and UI design. Gamification pro and visual storyteller.

Pro freelancers

Pro freelancers

On the need

I usually build my team to reach the best result. I can provide voice over artists, editors, actors, make up artists and other great professionals. Please, ask for a demo or a sample project.

"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."

Matt Groening

Visit my blog SHIFTS! on - A blog about new trends, media and technologies

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From the Blog

Mashable Social Media Day, un evento per professionisti del marketing digitale e dell’innovazione #SMDAYIT #DIDAYS

Oggi vi parlo di un evento che riguarda in modo particolare la mia attività di media specialist e che prevede un doppio appuntamento con il mondo dei Social Media, del Marketing Digitale e dell’Innovazione a 360 gradi.

Vi sto parlando del Mashable Social Media Day, una delle manifestazioni più importanti al mondo riguardo la rivoluzione digitale che la nostra società sta vivendo nell’ultimo periodo con i relativi impatti generati sulla nostra vita professionale.

L’evento italiano guadagna l’hashtag di #SMDAYIT ed è stato fondato nel 2014, sempre improntato su un’attività costante di aggiornamento e formazione sulle tematiche del Digital e Social Media Marketing. Durante le giornate potrete assistere a incontri che arricchiranno le vostre conoscenze attraverso la proposta di strategie concrete e case study di successo presentate dai migliori professionisti del settore.

#SMDAYIT non è soltanto un’occasione di formazione, ma soprattutto un’ottima occasione per fare rete: la costante necessità di spostare la nostra vita professionale da un livello online a uno all-line trova in questa occasione un terreno fertile per incontrare influencer del settore e rappresentanti d’azienda. A corredo di questa esperienza, ci sarà un party finale di ringraziamento. Quale occasione migliore per trovare nuove opportunità di lavoro?

Per tutti coloro interessati a partecipare al #SMDAYIT, ho ricevuto un codice di sconto che voglio condividere con voi. Lo trovate cliccando su questo link


How to make your brand stand out

In the era of new media, you need to pay attention on how your brand could grow up and on how to give strength to your product.


Paying attention to all the little details is the best way to make your brand stand out. Things like the way you present your product, your website, your social media presence, how you use the mailing lists etc should all reflect your brand.


Your story is what makes you unique because NO ONE has the exact same story! The way you tell your story helps others to connect with you, which is really important wherever you sell your product, online or offline.

Contact me for more informations about how to sell your product, I can give you the right skills to develop your brand, tell your unique story and to promote your business.



New website

It’s time to change, again!

The best thing you can do in life to improve yourself is to seek new challenges every day and get out of so-called “comfort zone”. That’s why I started a process of renewal of my brand starting with a simple website, lighter and, most importantly, user friendly.

In the coming months I will be working on the creation of new projects, but you can see some of my latest works in the portfolio section. Please contact me for further informations about my works and to start a project together.

I will use this space to talk about filmmaking and transmedia storytelling.

I remind you that for the latest news about new trends you can visit my blog and join our community of over 25k followers

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